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the Real Polish

Kto ty jestes? Polak maly. Jaki znak twoj? Orzel bialy. Gdzie ty mieszkasz? Miedzy swymi. W jakim kraju? Polskiej ziemi. Czym ta ziemia? Ma Ojczyzna. Czym zdobyta? Krwia i blizna. Czy ja kochasz? Kocham szczerze. A w co wierzysz? W Boga i w Polske wierze!
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[Tuesday, Feb 5 '08 @ 12:59pm]

Hi. I'm Nadine. I'm one of the 2 or 3 people in all of California who want to learn Polish. This is the first time I venture into Slavic languages. I was thinking of learning Russian because there are so many Russians here and it would probably be easier. But Polish won out. First off, I'm originally from Michigan, and there are tons of Poles there. Except all of them only spoke English, I guess. There were Polish food sections in Meijer and pickle jars were always labeled in Polish. But really I fell in love with Polish cause of all the cool Polish music. There's Closterkeller, Artrosis, Plomien 81, Fu, Delight, Moonlight, and DJ Tomekk. He's actually living in Germany but whatever- he's a Pole! Also I'm planning on studying in Germany after college and so I'll be a train-ride away from Poland. Russia will be too bloody far. Also, Poland is still kinda Western Europe and I study Western European languages. So there you have it, a long-ass intro about why I just joined this group. Anyone else learning or interested in Polish music?

No pics. I'm totally hideous.
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Good news/Bad news [Wednesday, Jan 23 '08 @ 09:42pm]

The bad news: The Google prospect for Wroclaw fell through, since I didn't get past the 2nd round of interviews, but I can always reapply in a year.

The good news: A few days after I got word I didn't make it to the 3rd round with Google, I got an e-mail from the FBI, asking me if I was interested in applying for a position in Cleveland, working on databases. I'd have to apply from scratch, but since there's not one but two openings, and I'm already working for the government, I feel I've got some decent chances. Plus, Cleveland's got a decent Polish population, and I've got a bunch of family & friends there. Since my parents have a house there that require someone to house sit for them (my dad is still a few years away from retiring from his job down in Florida, so they can't move into it yet), if I got the FBI job there, I could save a ton of money, since my parents are insisting they pay for the bills in exchange for me living there and taking care of the place.

This week, I'm sending in the remaining paperwork for the application, since even though they notified me of the opening, I still have to apply, but I definitely feel I've got an inside edge on this.
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Next step [Tuesday, Nov 6 '07 @ 01:35pm]

I got the e-mail this morning from Google, saying I've made it through to the next interview. It's tenatively scheduled for this Friday morning, and I'm hoping that if I make it through after that, things'll fall into place soon afterwards :)

Crossposted to slavic_babies
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Poland possibility... [Wednesday, Oct 24 '07 @ 09:38pm]

A couple weeks ago, I found a job on Google's website for a hardware tech in Poland. The great bulk of my family still lives in Poland, and I keep in contact with them & visit them as often as possible. That being said, one of my best friends who works for Google forwarded my resume to people she knew (since a part of her time at Google was spent in Europe), and I hoped something would come of it, especially since people only ever get jobs at Google by employee referrals since they get over a thousand resumes daily.

Well, today I got a voicemail message on my cell phone from Google's London office, which is the HQ for their international branches, and they wanted me to call them back ASAP. The guy who called left his direct number, but with the 5-hour time difference (I got the message around 3:30 PM), I'll have to call him back first thing in the morning. I couldn't get it earlier because the reception where I work is quite bad, and I just happened to be in the one good spot where I work when my cell phone buzzed with a voicemail. Oh well, I don't think he'll mind much that I'll call him tomorrow, since he definitely sounded interested.

I spoke with my friend, and she let me know that the interview process usually takes about two months, give or take any holidays. She did let me know that for all the jobs they post on their website, moving expenses are covered in full (even buying out leases and airfare for long moves), which is a relief for me, since I had to pay a couple thousand dollars for my last move, and that was only from Wisconsin to Detroit. My friend's worked in Dublin, New York City, and Seattle for Google, and all of the moves were taken care of by the company. The other benefits are pretty stellar as well, like free meals, 401k with matching contributions, full health, dental, vision, etc., and I'll begin earning leave at around the same rate as I have been where I work now. Another awesome thing is that they practically force you to devote 20% of your time to projects you want to work on that are in development, or to start a project of your own. From what my friend told me, a lot of the things Google does now began as the projects people worked on during that time.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that all goes well.
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Joined. [Wednesday, Jun 27 '07 @ 11:02am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Martyna, born in Gdansk, lived for most of her life in Germany and is now in Paris, France.
I'm 20, speak German, Polish, English, French and want to ick up Japanese studies soon.
There's rather nothing interesting about me to tell, I got curious about polish communities at LJ and asked over at polska where people are active. Someone turned up with this one, so here I am. :)

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thoughts on recent new yorker cartoon with "zbigniew" [Monday, May 7 '07 @ 09:02am]

x-posted to real_polish
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911 [Tuesday, Apr 24 '07 @ 08:28am]


I'm sure everyone's noticed that this site has been idle for quite some time now, which is sad. _trusia_ & I created it with the intention of it being an interactive site where you can learn more about anything Polish, share memories, pictures, etc... all while having fun & wanting to participate.

Due to the moderators obvious busy lives & lack of posts I've decided to bring on another moderator or two. If you think you're qualified (& by that I mean you'll bring this place back to life!!) leave comments telling me how you'll turn this place around. If you just want to leave ideas & tips, that's fine also. Depending on how many of you actually vote yourselves in... there may or may not be a poll, or "election" if you will.

So please, if you want to help out & make this place active again that'd be great. Unfortunately if there won't be any takers we might have to close real_polish down & we don't want to do that now, do we?

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O kurwa!! [Wednesday, Apr 18 '07 @ 04:37pm]


No narescie cos wplynelo do nas. :D
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haha [Wednesday, Apr 4 '07 @ 09:18pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Anybody is traveling to Poland this summer? [Wednesday, Feb 21 '07 @ 06:43pm]

Hi everybody!

I am Ukrainian myself, but my friend who works for the travel agency
told me that LUfthansa is conducting a special Lottery right now in the
US for Ukrainian and Polish Americans: you can win a free ticket
home to be used in the next 12 months.

It's only  on their special website,
www.WeFlyHome.com/Poland - wait till the page loads and then click on the flashing banner on the
right. As far as I understand, you don't have to buy anything, just to
provide your email, they will announce the winner by email on March 1.
The lottery is going on until February 23rd, there is only 2 days left....
I believe the ticket would be good for Krakow, Katowice, Warsaw and 
several other destinations...

Hope this helps somebody - I just did that on their Ukrainian page.

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Wesolych Swiat! [Sunday, Dec 24 '06 @ 01:37am]

[ mood | calm ]

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[Tuesday, Nov 28 '06 @ 02:48pm]

can anyone make any good recommendations on some movies? i have a few, but i cant really get any movies around here, so the internet is pretty much my last chance, and im not going to be sending movies back if i dont like them. cos takie smiesne co moze z kolegami ogladac, nothing too romantic/dramatic, just mostly comedic and really funny. :)

also, ive been looking around, but maybe someone knows a good website where I can get a hold of some of these movies? i dont want to order just off of any website and nothing too expensive either. i know it's dead in here, but it's worth a shot. dzieki.
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new member [Monday, Nov 27 '06 @ 12:26am]

czesc everyone! new member here. i am an american-- who isn't polish. i'm 31, and live in CT. i was working for an international company for the past year, where i made some polish friends. i was set up with a polish guy who doesn't speak very much english. we've been dating for two months. he started taking english classes in september, and i've been trying to pick up a few polish phrases. i'm interested in learning more polish, and more about polish culture. i'm just starting to get a little bit frustrated with our language barrier. sometimes i think dating is hard enough without the extra lanuage barrier. but he seems to have a very good heart, so i figure i just need to be patient and make an effort to learn more polish. =) anyway, that's what brings me here.
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[Sunday, Sep 17 '06 @ 04:21pm]

I'm sorry for the advertisment
but i'd like to tell you a new community pmwm
Polska Mlodziez w Moskwie
for young people who are interested in Poland, in the culture and in the language))
we will be glad if you join us)
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Pictures! [Saturday, Aug 26 '06 @ 05:09am]

I have pictures from my 7 week adventure in Poland!


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Polish paperbacks for sale [Wednesday, Jun 14 '06 @ 03:40pm]

Hey guys, I've been wrangled into sorting and weeding through my dad's library of Polish novels. I've been putting them onto eBay in lots of six, going for $10 each. They're mostly mysteries and thrillers, although there are a few humor and other novels as well. If you're interested, or know someone else who might be, please check 'em out! My dad will be happy to make some room, and you can score some good summer reading material cheaply.
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Pronouncation question [Tuesday, Jun 13 '06 @ 12:51pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm slowly learning Polish. I want to make sure I am pronouncing "I love you" correctly because I want to say it to the guy I am dating...he speaks fluent Polish and I don't want to sound bad.

Ja cie kocham- how is it pronounced?
Kocham Cie- " "

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:D [Saturday, May 27 '06 @ 11:03am]

Today is the birthday of miss_ania and she leaves for Polska in 3 days.....so let's all wish her a Happy 19th Birthday!!!

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Summer 06 [Saturday, May 27 '06 @ 12:14am]

So who is going to Poland this summer or is already there?
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Greetings from another Pollock! [Friday, May 26 '06 @ 10:49pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello! I recently joined this community, and thought I'd announce my arrival.

I don't really know anything about my Polish ancestory, save the fact that my great-grandfather came over from Gniezno, Poland, in the late 1800s. If anybody knows of some good sites where I could look at pictures and read up on history about the place, that would rock. My grandma, on the very rare occasion, will make perogi and teach us "funny" words in Polish (like "dupayosh," which I use every chance I get), but that's really about it. I'm trying to look up Polish pop singers as well, but haven't come across anything useful.

Anyway, I'm hoping I can become more connected to my heritage, and have fun at the same time. Again, hello!

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